Principled GraphQL

10 keys to success From Principled GraphQL.


Your company should have one unified graph, instead of multiple graphs created by each team.

Federated Implementation

Though there is only one graph, the implementation of that graph should be federated across multiple teams.

Track the Schema in a Registry

There should be a single source of truth for registering and tracking the graph.

Abstract, Demand-Oriented Schema

The schema should act as an abstraction layer that provides flexibility to consumers while hiding service implementation details.

Use an Agile Approach to Schema Development

The schema should be built incrementally based on actual requirements and evolve smoothly over time.

Iteratively Improve Performance

Performance management should be a continuous, data-driven process, adapting smoothly to changing query loads and service implementations.

Use Graph Metadata to Empower Developers

Developers should be equipped with rich awareness of the graph throughout the entire development process.

Access and Demand Control

Grant access to the graph on a per-client basis, and manage what and how clients can access it.

Structured Logging

Capture structured logs of all graph operations and leverage them as the primary tool for understanding graph usage.

Separate the GraphQL layer from the Service Layer

Adopt a layered architecture with graph functionality broken into a separate tier rather than baked into every service.



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