Strokes Gained

Putt for Dough?

Not so much, SG shows us that getting off the Tee box into a position that can be capitalized is more valueable than sinking long putts. The chance of hitting a long putt is so small, that it’s very unlikely even for pros. You can gain more shots off the green than on the green. Most pro golfers are going to be 2 putting, so it’s hard to make a break out performance on the green.

Course Design

“The professionals forget that the whole idea of a Pete Dye golf course is to require players to hit a wide variety of shots,” Dye said. “I’ve always felt that a good player who’s playing well wants to play a difficult golf course because he knows the winner won’t be someone who can just out-putt him.”

I love this quote, and i think it’s similar to how I view technical interviews for Software Engineers.



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