About Me

I’m Brian Wigginton. I live in Austin, TX with my wife Elisa and 2 kids.

I went to TCU and have a BS in Computer Information Technology. Go Frogs!

Send me a note! brianwigginton @ gmail . com


Probably the biggest influence for me getting into technology was my brother Scott Barrett Wigginton.

Sometimes when he would come home to visit from college we would setup his original RadioShack TRS-80 computer and play some of the classic games he had. This was my earliest experience with computers.

Scott was a Texas A&M Graduate, achieving a Masters in Meterology. He then moved to Brownsville, TX and worked for the National Weather Service.

Sometime in 2001, Scott started complaining of a bump and having pain under his armpit. 6 weeks later we lost Scott due to Melanoma Skin Cancer.

Scott went by the handle swigg on IRC and moderated a channel called #brothers. If anyone was a member of that channel I’d love to hear from you!

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