Burnout is the shared responsibility of both the individual, the organization, and our work culture. We have increasingly become a burnout culture and it is salt on the wounds of so many people who are struggling to suggest that the problem is that they are not doing enough yoga.


I’ve had my share of burnout. These are my notes on the subject.

Unfinished Business

That feeling of unfinished business at the end of the day can keep a hold of you all evening and keep you up at night.

His research also suggests that knocking out simple, completable tasks at the end of the workday — and avoiding complicated ones — is another good way to psychologically disconnect.

If you finish the day by tackling something complex and unfinishable, this creates “loose ends that have the potential to continue distracting us during leisure time,” he says. You’re better off working on these earlier in the day, and reserving the easy stuff for your final hour or two of work.


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