Big 5 Personality Traits

Also knows as the OCEAN model

  • openness to experience (inventive/curious vs. consistent/cautious)
  • conscientiousness (efficient/organized vs. extravagant/careless)
  • extraversion (outgoing/energetic vs. solitary/reserved)
  • agreeableness (friendly/compassionate vs. critical/rational)
  • neuroticism (sensitive/nervous vs. resilient/confident)

ANKI Cozmo/Vector

In terms of the big 5 personality traits, Vector is open to experience, and has moderate agreeableness (he can’t really sense emotion), but is not particularly extroverted. He isn’t neurotic, or conscientious. In many ways he lacks sufficient ability to sense and act on those other traits.

I personally think that Cozmo by Anki was an absolutely incredible feat in both mechanical engineering and creative design. Specifically, I found it amazing the lengths the company went through to build out Cozmos’s personality. First, they hired some amazingly talented designers and animators from the likes of Pixar to help bring life to Cozmos’s personality. Then, borrowing from the world of psychology, they leveraged research around the big 5 personality traits. By triggering different emotions via external signals and blending those with the right personality traits, they were able to create a real time, life-like robot with a stunning amount of emotion and personality.

Loved it so much a whipped together a very simple animated small LCD screen, to play with some animation of emotion similar to ANKI.

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