On Keeping Books

There are still people who consider a bookshelf as a mere storage space for already-read objects and do not think of the library as a working tool.

– Umberto Eco

I love books. I used to love going to Barnes and Noble as a kid and just perusing through the computer books isle. There was always something new and interesting to be exposed to. As I got older I started buy books all the time. During college, Ryan Gibbons and I would sometimes head over to nerdbooks.com’s warehouse in Richardson, TX. They had endless shelves of technology books! It was incredible.

After moving around nearly a dozen times owning a bunch of physical books became a burden and I scaled down my library to just a few favorites and timeless technology books. Today my library is limited to about 20 or so books that we commonly go back and page through.

Umberto Eco

What a lot of books! Have you read them all?

No, these are the ones I have to read by the end of the month. I keep the others in my office.

– Umberto Eco, “How to Justify a Private Library”


(noun) a japanese word for buying books but never reading them.