Radar Mosaics

Combining ground based meteorological radar data from multiple overlapping sites

The paper presents a model for combining meteorological radar data in overlapping regions, along with results from a short dual Doppler study of a convective event observed in the Po Valley region of northern Italy. To perform any kind of quantitative analysis between two overlapping radars, whether spaceborne or ground based, it is useful to adopt a common coordinate system on which to view the data. The volume weighting model presented overcomes some of the problems intrinsic to distance weighted interpolation schemes. The results of a short, dual Doppler study of a convective event observed from two operational radars are presented. The data used for the study were collected under the European Union funded Polarisation and Doppler Radar Experiment (PADRE). https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/523989/

FAA uses a highest contributor algorithm

Basic overview of techniques - https://courses.comet.ucar.edu/pluginfile.php/3787/mod_imscp/content/1/mosaic_generation.html

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