Mental Health

s## How do we develop Agency and Gratitude

Character Structure and Subconscious Defenses

Innate fears?

  • fear
  • confusion
  • despair

subconscious defenses spectrum: unconscious psychological responses to deal with our fears. The 3 most common:

  • Denial
  • displacement: someone that seems to constantly be taking out their frustrations on others
  • withdrawal

Character structure: it’s what we use to interface with the world. Defense mechanisms applied to our experience of the world. Based on our fears and unconscious defense mechanisms. ex: Do I lash out? Do I avoid confrontation? Do I withdrawal.

  • How does taking risks effect our level of despair? Too much or not enough risk.


What is confidence?

State dependence: Confidence isn’t uniform. You probably lack confidence in a specific area.

Phenomonology: What’s your experience of being confident? Why do you think you are confident.

  1. “Because i know myself and my abilities”. A healthy mentality of confidence
  2. “Because im better than everybody”. unhealthy . Will not lead to humility and gratitude. Potentially a defense via narcisism.

What other people think

Remember that other people’s perceptions about you are just forms of electrical energy in organic matter circuity.

A dehumanizing thought, but somewhat effective.

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