Linux GTK Stock Screener


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Earlier this year, I was playing around with stock trading. I wanted a way to quickly pick stocks that were performing according to some Technical Analysis signal. During the great Texas Freeze and Power Crisis I began building my first linux desktop app using GJS, GTK3, Gnome Builder. Over the following weeks I kept adding features and it became a great little tool to monitoring what was going on in the market. This was a fun experience and got me closer to desktop app development in Linux.


Multiple Portfolios and Watchlists

Data APIs: Yahoo finance, Coinmarket cap, Finviz, ishares, wallstreetbets

Indicators: symbol, name, volume, outstanding, float, relativeVolume, volumeLong, marketCap, marketCapLong, dividendYield, peRatio, chgPct, chg, eps, rsi, atr, volatilityWeek, floatShort, shortRatio, price, finvizTargetPrice, sma20, sma50, sma200, beta, reddit, redditAvg, redditWma, gain


Finviz Price Target Finviz Price Target Dividend Yield Dividend Yield Short Float Short Float Earning per Share Earning per Share Price Earnings Ratio Price Earnings Ratio Relative Strength Index Relative Strength Index Volume Volume