Kitty Terminal
Apr 14, 2022
1 minute read

    Kitty on Mac Screenshot

    My good friend Ryan Gibbons introduced me to Kitty, an alternative terminal application. As a long time iterm2 user, I’ve come to love some of the features it provides, specifically, vertical split panes, quake like dropdown access, and other customizations.

    Here’s how I moved to Kitty and hacked those same features.


    TLDR: Here’s my config file, with comments removed for brevity.

    font_family Hack
    font_size 13.0
    enable_audio_bell no
    visual_bell_duration 0.1
    enabled_layouts *
    window_margin_width 3
    window_padding_width 3
    active_border_color #0ff
    inactive_border_color #444
    inactive_text_alpha 0.5
    tab_bar_edge top
    tab_bar_style powerline
    tab_powerline_style slanted
    active_tab_foreground #111
    active_tab_background #87B966
    inactive_tab_foreground #666
    inactive_tab_background #2F3440
    background_opacity 0.98
    editor /usr/local/bin/nvim
    include current-theme.conf

    Quake/Visor Terminal

    Thanks to Luke Murray who posted about how to solve this using Phoenix. Luke added some additional support in phoenix to launch other applications via similar hotkeys.

    App Icons Swap

    The default Kitty icon leaves much to be desired, but there are alternatives!


    See this project for all the themes. Once installed, I was able to use the themes kitten to preview and select one. I’m a fan of Argonaut by Paweł Waleczek.

    $ kitty +kitten themes

    This then added the following line to the bottom of my config.

    # Argonaut
    include current-theme.conf

    More Protips