Ubiquiti UDM Pro bypass 5268ac
Nov 30, 2020
2 minute read

I started experiencing issues after configuring my Pace 5268ac modem from ATT for DMZ+ mode to my Ubiquiti UDM Pro router.

  1. Git Checkouts and pulls would hang at times
  2. Blocks NTP packets!
  3. Docker container downloads would hang.

There are a few ways to bypass the ATT RG:

  1. Plug in the RG and let it handle the cert negotiation. Spoof the RG mac address on the UDMP, unplug the RG and plug in the UDMP. Repeat if power goes off. LOL!
  2. Extract certificates and use something like wpa_supplicant. On the 2Wire 5286ac, extracting those certificates is no small task, and involved cracking open the case and breaking out the solder-gun. No thanks. You can buy certs on ebay for $40.
  3. 802.1x switching and proxying.

802.1x switching with eap_proxy

Checkout eap_proxy-udmpro which runs a container on the UDM Pro router than can route packets to the Pace modem for 802.1X auth requests. Once that’s done, the rest of the traffic will start flowing as expected. I had to buy a 1G SFP adapter to get this to work.

I’m having success with this, but sometimes the container does not start back up if the UDM reboots.


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