jQuery’s Advanced Attribute Selectors
Oct 17, 2013
1 minute read

TIL that jQuery has some pretty cool attribute querying capability.

I knew you could select element by attributes by simple adding them with brackets:


And that you can also match against content inside the attributes.


But this is where is gets cool. You’re not just limited to equal or not equal. You can also provide other operators for more advanced matching scenarios:

$('a[rel|="nofollow"]') // prefix search: "nofollow-"
$('a[rel*="nofollow"]') // contains search: "xxnofollowxx"
$('a[rel~="nofollow"]') // word search: "me nofollow bookmark"
$('a[rel$="nofollow"]') // starts with search: "nofollowxxx"
$('a[rel^="nofollow"]') // ends with search: "xxnofollow"

Check out the docs for more info: http://api.jquery.com/category/selectors/attribute-selectors/