2010 Development Toolbox
Nov 6, 2010
3 minute read

Here is a quick run down of the tools and applications I user pretty much everyday. As of this time I’m doing a lot of frontend work as well as some backend PHP development.


  • Browsers
    • Safari – I use it for all my general development
    • Firefox – Mostly great for tuning CSS and pixel pushing
    • Google Chrome –  Great for debugging and performance testing
  • Textmate – texteditor
    • open in Textmate – utility to put in your Finder that lets you quickly open files in Textmate
    • project plugin – better project handling for Textmate
  • Versions – Very clean SVN client
  • Fluid – great to take web pages you always access and make them their own app.
    • JIRA – This is just a great setup, this way JIRA is always a few keystrokes away
    • jQuery API – quick and easy access to the jQuery API
  • iTerm – better replacement for the built in mac terminal
    • vim – best TE in the world (next to Textmate?)
  • Sequel Pro – GUI for MySQL
  • Charles Web Proxy – for intercepting and viewing http data, also great for testing slow connections to a certain domain
  • Reggy – Regular expression sandbox, great for finding out what the hell is going on with a regular expression
  • HTTP Client – Great app that let’s you play with HTTP, great for testing out backend services
  • VMWare Fusion – X-browser testing
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5


  • Caffeine – awesome little app to keep your computer from going to sleep or launch the screensaver. You don’t know how much you love caffeine until you actually use it a few times
  • Divvy – awesome window management app that helps you resize windows on the fly using hotkeys or your mouse.
  • Droplr – terrific app for taking screenshots and sharing them with others
  • Spot Color – great little color picker
  • VirtualHostX – app to manage all the virtualhosts installed on your system’s apache instance
  • iStat Menus – bunch of monitors that sit in your menubar and report system status to you. Great for keeping an eye on memory and processor usage


  • Evernote – Great for taking notes throughout the day and also syncs back up with your iphone or mobile device
  • Mail.app
  • Pandorajam – If you listen to pandora, do your self a favor and download this badass app right now. Simply amazing.
  • Grooveshark – think of iTunes, but has any song you can think of. Completely web based.
  • Adium – IM client
  • Colloquy – IRC client
  • Echofon – Twitter client
  • Skim – PDF Reader, much better than preview or acrobat reader